When to Take Fat Burners for Maximum Results

Learn when is the best time to take fat burners for maximum results: before or after workout? Find out what are the best strategies for taking fat burners.

When to Take Fat Burners for Maximum Results

It's recommended that you wait until you've established your diet and exercise plan before introducing fat burners into the mix. This way, your body has had time to adjust to its new eating and exercise routines, and the effects of fat burners will be more pronounced. Another strategy is to take the fat burner during the day, particularly when you're not exercising. Taking a fat burner after a workout or during the hours of the day when you're not exercising can have a passive fat burning effect.

This turns rest periods into a kind of passive, continuous fat-burning session. If you want to lose body fat, cardio isn't your friend. It's great for warming up and cooling down during your training sessions, but it won't boost your metabolism enough to burn large amounts of calories. Fat burners are an excellent way to reach your training goals, whether it's exercising more or working out harder.

There are also non-stimulating thermogenic ingredients, such as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), L-carnitine, ginger extract and cayenne pepper extract, which can help the body use stored fat for fuel, essentially burning fat without affecting your energy levels. No matter what fat burner you take, it will provide your body with the energy it needs, so it's best to take them in the morning when you need an extra boost to start your day. A fat-burning supplement can help you control cravings and imaginary feelings of hunger, but if you're constantly exposed to your cravings, you'll never win. Taking fat burners on an empty stomach or after longer periods of fasting isn't something I would recommend.

We all know the benefits of pre-training; you can take fat burners before, after and even on rest days. To boost your energy and kick start burning fat, take a stimulating fat burner at the time of day when you need a pick-me-up the most. Pause and take a break from your routine so your body can purge its system and reduce the body's resistance to fat burner ingredients. A recent study suggests that the piperine found in black pepper fights fat by blocking the formation of new fat cells.Excessive use of caffeine and similar ingredients can cause high levels of cortisol (the unwanted hormone that breaks down muscles and causes fat storage), especially under dietary stress.

If you're taking a fat burner but still can't achieve the weight loss you want, it's time to fix the problem. Many of the ingredients in high-quality fat-burning supplements have long been shown to promote fat loss when consumed through food or supplements. If you drink coffee and drink caffeine-based fat burners, you can quickly overstimulate yourself.To ensure that you lose as much fat as possible, make sure you also get enough protein to maintain lean muscle mass. Eating protein helps build muscle mass while burning off excess calories.

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